Jacqueline M. Cameron is an entrepreneur, manager, marketer, engineer, musician, composer, and inventor who loves to see people transformed through her work.  Jacqueline is a Jamaican by birth and has released two gospel albums and a wedding song called “With You."  The music video, the Wedding Song, "With You," was released on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2016.

Jacqueline has lived in Jamaica all her life except for the times she trained for her chosen profession.  She always wanted the gift of composing and by faith, God gave her this gift about fifteen (15) years ago and since then, she has composed over five hundred (500) songs. 


These are typical comments concerning her songs:

"Your songs are lyrically sound, catchy, the Word of God and should interest a music publisher like Integrity'."  Keith Childress, musician/songwriter

 "Your songs should be sung by Ron Kenoly."  Andi Green, Gospel Artiste

 ''You wrote these songs!  Very good, They should be published internationally!",  Dawn Bennett, Drama Minister.


Jacqueline attends Covenant City Church in Kingston, Jamaica.

Jacqueline M. Cameron, BSc, MEng, MBA


the wedding song, "With You"



"Always leave people in a better position than when you found them."  Jacqueline M. Cameron, The Gospel Ambassador


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