Welcome to the "jacquelinemcameron.com"/ "thegospelambassador.com" website, launched on Mother's Day 2014 in honor of my mum who passed away on October 19, 2013.  She was a woman of  love, not holding grudges against those who wronged her.  For a celebration of her life, please go to "Tribute to Patricia".  

This website, is a communication point for the business "Jacqueline M. Cameron/The Gospel Ambassador (JMC/TGA)," which is being registered as a charity so I can do more for you.                   


 What is the Purpose of JMC/TGA?  

"To facilitate transformation of people’s lives so they may prosper and have good success, thereby achieving their purpose."


What is the Vision (Where are we taking you) of JMC/TGA?  

To be a leader in improving the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations, by focusing on designing and implementing innovative programs in the field of the creative arts, education, and wellness that will bring about lasting change and prosperity..." 


Our core operating values are:

  • Excellence
  • Innovation; and
  • Integrity.

   Our differentiating factors are:

  • Excellence and innovativeness in the products and services that we provide, and in their delivery
  • Our mutually beneficial relationships with partners.



What are some of the projects that we are working on:

Artiste Management

       We are currently managing 3 artistes and are doing it through a creative combination of career management guidelines, branding techniques and marketing principles.  Our artistes are known internationally and will soon be revealed to you.

Promoting Opera (Musical Theatre) Awareness in Jamaica                                 This project came out of my love for opera and attendance at the Met Opera of New York HD performances shown by Palace Amusement Company.  Improving awareness of opera (musical theatre) would benefit the personal, professional, and social development of people’s lives, as well as increasing attendance at musical theatre performances.  A team of stakeholders is currently being formed which includes Met Opera New York, a world-famous opera singer and Jamaican well-known musicians.   Work has started on this project through research for a feature on the website and launch of the music video “With You,” the wedding song . 

Cups of Kindness


     A proposed national project to ignite social reform by delivering acts of kindness to those needing them from those able to offer them, through an information bank which acts as a repository and facilitator of acts of kindness.  The project needs endorsement from key organizations in order to enable their support and that of the nation.  Further progress is awaiting registration of the charity.


Peak Performance for Children                                                                                      A business to help children perform at their fullest potential through imparting life skills for prosperity.  This business is both a “for profit,” and a “for charity” one as not all children would be able to afford the costs of the programs which are both group and individual-based and require knowledgeable and skilled coaches who are themselves peak performers.  The first peak performance program is called the Champion It Up™ program designed for 9 – 17 year olds to impart life skills for success.

So, please browse and comment for this is your website, dedicated to  transforming lives through music, testimonies, articles, training...... 

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The Gospel Ambassador

February 15, 2018

the wedding song, "With You"



"Always leave people in a better position than when you found them."  Jacqueline M. Cameron, The Gospel Ambassador


Welcome to my website which is also your website as it's meant to help us live better lives.  Please do leave me a comment on the 'Contact' page on what you think about the website, what themes you would like me to deal with, any changes you would like to see........

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God bless you.



The Gospel Ambassador


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The Gospel Ambassador                         

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